The shade trees for sale provide incredible benefits not only to your garden but to the world. Not only can they provide shelter for wildlife, improve air quality, mitigate and control for the climate, but they also offer delight through their beauty, colors, and sturdiness. Perhaps you can build a treehouse or put a swing on a branch! Moreover, we have chosen favorites for gardens such as the sugar maple with its delicious maple syrup and fall colors, Japanese red maple with its striking and unique shape, and black locust with its high quality wood and edible flowers.

Moreover, our shade tree seedlings range from 1.5 – 3 feet tall. Seedlings are trees grown from seed and aren’t grafted or budded like our fruit trees. Moreover, in general seedlings grow to be larger than grafted trees, stronger, more hardy, and more likely to survive frosts.

At the start of March, we begin shipping trees based on your chosen shipping date at checkout. If you haven’t selected a date, we ship based on the best time to plant for your region. Learn more about our shipping by visiting our shipping page. For a list of states with restrictions for specific tree types, visit our shipping restrictions page.

If you have selected local pickup, we’ll send you a notification at the end of March to book a pickup date to get your trees. We offer trees for local pickup at our nursery in Ithaca, New York from end of March until May.

We guarantee fruit trees for the first season – learn more here.