Tree Details

Our European pear trees for sale include popular varieties such as Bosc and Red Bartlett. In fact our bareroot european pear trees are 1-2 years old and have a caliber ranging from ½” –  ¾”. Additionally, they are 4’-6’ tall and grow on OHxF87 and OHxF97 rootstocks. Rootstock control the ultimate height of the tree (for example, dwarf or semi-dwarf) and can also improve disease resistance. If you would like to find the relevant information you need on hardiness zones, pollination, disease resistance, and more, you can see our tree descriptions. Additionally, you can also search and filter by tree characteristics.

European pear trees are usually soft and juicy. Not only can you enjoy these pears when you pick them off the tree, but you can also make some delicious dishes with them! Our European pear trees for sale online through our family nursery have the varieties hand chosen for their unique story and flavor. So have fun starting your journey and buying European pear trees.

Shipping and pickup

In the beginning of March, we begin shipping the trees based on your chosen shipping date at checkout, or offer the trees for pickup at our nursery in Ithaca, New York. If you would like to find out more information on shipping and pickup, see here.


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