Flamin’ Fury® PF 17 Peach Tree

The Flamin’ Fury® PF 17 peach tree bears large, firm, freestone yellow-fleshed peaches that will melt in your mouth. This peach tree has become a favorite for commercial growers since it not only doesn’t bruise easily but it also keeps very well. With medium susceptibility to bacterial leaf spot, as the tree ages, the fruit size will also increase.

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General Tree Height/Caliper: Our grafted/budded apple, peach, apricot, plum, pear, nectarine, and cherry trees are about 4-6' tall with a caliper/diameter of about 1/4-3/4". Most have more than 5' height and 1/2" diameter. Most other trees are seedlings ranging from 18-36" tall. You know if a tree is a seedling when the rootstock selected says "Seedling".

A rootstock primarily controls a tree's size and how early it bears fruit. Learn more about our specific rootstocks.