If you would like to save money by buying trees in bulk and also avoid having to choose from so many great varieties then packages may be the best option for you. Our packages for sale include a hand picked selection of trees that will dazzle the eye and provide incredible benefits for wildlife and climate control. These trees in a package complement one another and offer diverse qualities, such as size, color, and shape. We offer three packages, flowering, wildlife large, and wildlife small (for those with limited space for planting). All of these packages come with free shipping!

Moreover, our packages have seedlings which range from 1.5-3 feet tall. Seedlings are trees grown from seed and aren’t grafted or budded like our fruit trees. Moreover, in general seedlings grow to be larger than grafted trees, stronger, more hardy, and more likely to survive frosts.

At the start of March, we begin shipping trees based on your chosen shipping date at checkout. If you haven’t selected a date, we ship based on the best time to plant for your region. Learn more about our shipping by visiting our shipping page. For a list of states with restrictions for specific tree types, visit our shipping restrictions page.

If you have selected local pickup, we’ll send you a notification at the end of March to book a pickup date to get your trees. We offer trees for local pickup at our nursery in Ithaca, New York from end of March until May.

We guarantee trees for the first season – learn more here.

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