Our cherry trees for sale include sweet and tart varieties. In fact, cherry trees, except for seedlings, have two parts. The first part is the scion which is above the ground and responsible for the fruit’s characteristics and disease resistance. And secondly, the rootstock, which is under the ground and responsible for the size, cold hardiness, and partly the disease resistance. In fact, we grow our cherry trees on Mazzard (standard, 16-20ft tall), Mahaleb (standard), and Krymsk 5 (90% of Mazzard). Learn more about our rootstocks.

Moreover, our bareroot cherry trees are 1-2 years old, 4′-6′ tall, and have an average caliper/diameter of ½”. If you would like to find the relevant information you need on hardiness zones, pollination, disease resistance, and more, you can see our tree descriptions. Additionally, you can also search and filter by tree characteristics.

cherry rootstocks

One of our family’s favorite things to do in Armenia was picking delicious berries from cherry trees. Most likely, this will become one of your favorite things to do as well! Did you know that “cherry” comes from the Greek word κερασός (kerasós)? In fact, Cerasus is also the name of the Greek city in northeastern Anatolia, then home to many Armenians. Furthermore, traders probably first exported the cherry tree from this city. So as our selection grows, don’t miss our hand chosen varieties of cherry trees for sale!

At the start of March, we begin shipping trees based on your chosen shipping date at checkout or if you haven’t selected a date, we ship based on the best time to plant for your region. Learn more about our shipping by visiting our shipping page and for a list of states with restrictions for specific tree types, visit our shipping restrictions page.

If you have selected local pickup, we’ll send you a notification at the end of March to book a pickup date to get your trees. We offer trees for local pickup at our nursery in Ithaca, New York from end of March until May.

We guarantee fruit trees for the first season – learn more here.