Common Serviceberry Shrub


Common or Downy serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea )trees are one of the best small trees for showing radiant fall colors. Their small size also makes them an excellent choice for a variety of landscapes. Common serviceberries produce small, sweet berries that are edible and nutritious and beloved by birds. Moreover common serviceberries are relatively easy to grow and require little maintenance. They are tolerant of a variety of soils and can adapt to different growing conditions.

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General Tree Height/Caliper: Most of our fruit trees (apple, peach, apricot, plum, pear, nectarine, quince, and cherry) are grafted/budded and are 4-6' tall with a caliper/diameter of about 1/4-3/4". Most have more than 5' height and 1/2" diameter. The other trees are seedlings, such as pawpaw, mulberry, persimmon, shade, berry, and flowering trees which range from 18-36" tall.

A rootstock primarily controls a tree's size and how early it bears fruit. Learn more about our specific rootstocks.

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