Ilona™ Apricot Tree


Ilona™ apricot tree (a.k.a.a NJA151) introduced in 2015 by Rutgers University fruit breeding program. It is attractive with outstanding quality and flavor. The fruit develops red blush on top of bright orange ground color. The fruit flesh is firm and juicy. It shows tolerance to the cold (-20F).

General Tree Height/Caliper: Most of our fruit trees (apple, peach, apricot, plum, pear, nectarine, quince, and cherry) are grafted/budded and are 4-6' tall with a caliper/diameter of about 1/4-3/4". Most have more than 5' height and 1/2" diameter. The other trees are seedlings, such as pawpaw, mulberry, persimmon, shade, berry, and flowering trees which range from 18-36" tall.

A rootstock primarily controls a tree's size and how early it bears fruit. Learn more about our specific rootstocks.