Spur Winter Banana Apple Tree

The Spur Winter Banana Apple Tree, renowned for its sweet-tart apples with a unique aroma and glossy yellow skin, is a versatile favorite for eating and baking, and a vital pollinator in orchards due to its mid-season bloom. Thriving in zones 4 through 8, it highlights the importance of diversity and care in agriculture, enchanting gardeners and orchardists alike with its productivity and distinctive flavor.

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General Tree Height/Caliper: Most of our fruit trees (apple, peach, apricot, plum, pear, nectarine, quince, and cherry) are grafted/budded and are 4-6' tall with a caliper/diameter of about 1/4-3/4". Most have more than 5' height and 1/2" diameter. The other trees are seedlings, such as pawpaw, mulberry, persimmon, shade, berry, and flowering trees which range from 18-36" tall.

A rootstock primarily controls a tree's size and how early it bears fruit. Learn more about our specific rootstocks.