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Kristin Cherry


Originated as one of a family of seven seedlings grown from a 1938 controlled cross, 'Emperor Francis' x 'Gil Peck'. The original seedling bore its first fruits in 1946. It was tested for 12 years as NY 1599 at the New York State Agricultural Experimental Station, Cornell University. The fruit is dark red and has high quality. It is midseason variety and ripens two days after Emperor Francis. The trees are very productive.

Cross Pollinators: Self-sterile. Pollinate with 'Celeste' and 'Lapins'. ‘Kristin’ and ‘Ulster’ are inter-sterile and should not be used to pollinate each other. 

Hardiness Zone: Proven winter hardy in Zone 5 and milder parts of Zone 4. Calculate to see if your zone falls in this range here


Tree size/rootstock