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Autumn Gala Apple


Fruit is very firm and dense and exhibits very little stem cracking, making it a better keeper than traditional Gala. Autumn Gala was selected by Harry Black from a limb sport of Kidd’s D-8 Gala at his Catoctin Mountain Orchard in Thurmont, Maryland. This late Gala matures up to five weeks after the traditional Gala strains are harvested. It is orange-red and similar to the traditional Gala.  Autumn Gala provides the opportunity to extend the Gala harvest into late September/early October. 

Flowering Group: 4, can cross polinate with groups 3, 4, and 5.

Hardiness Zone: 5-8. Calculate to see if your zone falls in this range here

Disease Resistance: 

Canker - Some susceptibility

Scab - Very susceptible

Mildew - Some susceptibility

Fireblight - Some susceptibility

Cedar apple rust - Some susceptibility

Tree size/rootstock