Trees with Pink Flowers Video

There are so many beautiful trees with pink flowers! In order to make it somewhat more easy to pick the right tree for you, we have put together a list of our favorite pink flowering trees. These trees range in height and shape yet they all provide an incredible value to wildlife, especially those that also produce fruit. Below are two examples of pink flowering trees that are native to North America, the magnolia and redbud trees.

magnolia tree

Magnolia Tree

The radiant magnolia tree is native to the United States (ranging from the east coast to the south). Some of the pink flowering magnolias include the Saucer Magnolia and the Jane Magnolia. Jane Magnolia is more manageable for a backyard garden since it only grows up to 15′ tall. It also has incredibly large flowers reaching 8″ long. The Saucer Magnolia also has large blooms and grows up to 25′ tall. Since these trees prefer moist, wet soils, they are perfect for planting in swampy areas. Easy to grow, their red fruits provide sustenance for many animals, including songbirds.

  • Growing Zones: 4-9
  • Height/Spread: 15-25′ in height and 15-25′ spread at maturity
trees with pink flowers

American Redbud Tree

The redbud tree is native to eastern United States and adds a lot of beauty through its bright pink blossoms. You can plant these trees as shrub borders, in woodland areas, or as specimen trees! In fact, these trees are known for their beautiful graceful crowns.

  • Growing Zones: 4-8
  • Height/Spread: 20-30′ height with a 15-35′ spread at maturity
Growing trees with pink flowers can give you privacy, beautiful blooms and summer and fall foliage. If you would like to discover other flowering trees and shade trees, explore our tree catalog or shop page.
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