Fastest Growing Trees
Weeping Willow

Top 4 Fastest Growing Trees for Your Home

Which trees are the fastest of the fast growing trees? After all the faster trees grow and mature, the sooner you can have shade, cooling during the summer, privacy, and create a habitat for wildlife. In this list you will find four of the fastest growing trees as well as two trees at the end worth noting that have a medium-fast rate. A fast growth rate means more than 2 feet a year while a medium growth rate means 1-2 feet a year. Moreover most trees grow faster when they are younger and the slower as they mature.

1. Weeping Willow

These trees are one of the fastest growing trees, growing 4-8′ a year! Full of grace, the weeping willow trees are also great for planting along a riverbank and places that may have flooding. This is because the root system can absorb a lot of water. If you are using them for landscaping though, be sure to plant them 50 feet away from your house since their roots can invade underground pipes and power lines.

  • Growth Rate/Year: 4-8′
  • Growing Zones: 4-9
  • Height/Spread: 30–40′ height and a spread of around 35′
fast growing tree weeping willow

2. Hybrid Poplar

These trees, which are actually a member of the willow family, grow 5-8′ a year! In fact they are an interesting blend of North America and Europe since they are a cross between North America’s cottonwoods, aspens, and Europe’s poplars. Moreover, they are a vision as they grow tall and study, blocking sunlight and providing shade during the summer. You will save some air conditioning costs with these trees.

  • Growth Rate/Year: 5-8′
  • Growing Zones: 3-9
  • Height/Spread: 25–50′ height and 15–30′ spread
 hybrid poplar

3. Quaking Aspen

Quaking aspens are incredible trees not only because they grow up to 5′ a year, but also because they can grow in very cold regions (zones 2-7) and also poor soils. Moreover during the fall, these trees will be brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red.

  • Growth Rate/Year: up to 5′
  • Growing Zones: 2-7
  • Height/Spread: 40-50′ height and 20-25′ spread
fast growing tree quaking aspen

4. Autumn Blaze Red Maple

While most red maples grow from 1′ to more than 2′ (medium-fast rate), this maple tree grows 3-5′ a year! In fact it is a hybrid of the beautiful red and silver maples. Therefore it will not only have dazzling colors in the fall but also a beautiful dense tree throughout the year.

  • Growth Rate/Year: 3-5′
  • Growing Zones: 3-8
  • Height/Spread: 40-50′ height and a 30-40′ spread
 autumn blaze maple

Medium-Fast Growing Trees

Here are some of our favorite trees worth mentioning since even though they don’t grow at the rate of the trees above, they still have a medium-fast growth rate.

Tulip Tree

Tulip trees grow faster when they are young (more than 2′ a year) and slow down as they mature. Moreover, tulip trees (aka Tulip poplar and Yellow poplar) are radiant with their tulip-like flowers, size, and tulip-shaped leaves. This is why they are also the state tree not only for Kentucky, but also for Indiana and Tennessee. Additionally, when it is in its favored growing environment, it will grow fast and become one of the tallest eastern hardwoods.

  • Growth Rate/Year: 2-3′
  • Growing Zones: 4-9
  • Height/Spread: 70–90′ height and 40’ spread
fast growing tree tulip tree

River Birch

River Birch (Betula nigra) is a medium sized fast growing tree. The tree is very attractive with multi colored bark. River Birch sap is used to make birch beer and vinegar. River Birch tree is a great choice as an ornamental tree as it can be planted in many different climates and soil conditions across North America. It is tolerant of different soil types, but grows especially well in wet sites. It is typically used to help reduce stream bank erosion.

  • Growth Rate/Year: 1-3′
  • Growing Zones: 4-9
  • Height/Spread: 30-40′ height and a spread of 20-30′

Buy the Fastest Growing Trees

My dad inspires me with his love for trees and his conviction that growing them is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and the world. That’s why he planted so many trees in our backyard and started to provide trees so everyone could enjoy trees accessibly and feel empowered and have the knowledge to grow them. If you would like to grow some of these beautiful fastest growing trees you can check them out below.
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