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Identifying Pests and Diseases Video

In order to grow healthy fruit trees which won’t be damaged by pests and diseases, [...]

The Story of Saturn Peach

A story we created about the Saturn Peach merging the facts with the fiction. Known [...]

How to Prune Apple Trees in 8 Steps Video

Why prune, when do you prune, and how do you prune apple trees are questions [...]

The Story of the Persimmon Tree

In researching about its history, I realized that the persimmon had a story to tell [...]

How to Prepare Soil for Fruit Trees Video

In order to grow healthy fruit trees, there are some steps you can take to [...]

How to Choose Your Orchard Site Video

If you are planning on planting an orchard, it is important to know what is [...]

FAQ Video

We often get these questions such as how does shipping work, what's the caliper of [...]

What is a Rootstock Video

What is a rootstock and how does it affect a fruit tree? Rootstocks have an [...]

Why Prune Video

Why prune fruit trees? There are three main reasons. For more detailed information on why [...]

Apple Tree Rootstocks Video

What is a rootstock? How do we categorize them? What are the most common apple [...]