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Chill Hours for Fruit Trees

So this period of exposure to cold temperatures is necessary for the plant to break [...]

Our Rootstocks

We use different rootstocks for our fruit trees with a focus on using the highest [...]

How to Select Fruit Trees Video

We often get the question, how do we select fruit trees? There are about 6 [...]

How to Select Fruit Trees – 6 Factors

In order to better know how to select fruit trees, here are six characteristics such [...]

What is a Rootstock?

A fruit tree's rootstock controls the tree's size, precocity (how early the tree bears fruit), [...]

Pear Tree Rootstocks

However, while a rootstock does affect the size of the tree at maturity, the variety [...]

Apple Tree Rootstocks

The rootstock controls the tree's size, precocity, cold hardiness, and partly its disease resistance (such [...]

Fruit Trees For Your State

How to Choose the Best Fruit Trees to Buy There are many fruit trees that [...]