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How to Graft an Apple Tree

Grafting an apple tree involves combining a scion with a rootstock.

When to Spray Apple Trees

Why Spray Apple Trees? Before answering when to spray apple trees, you will first need [...]

How Far Apart to Plant Apple Trees?

How far apart to plant apple trees depends on the rootstock and the variety of [...]

Dolgo Crabapple Tree Care

The Dolgo crabapple tree checks of most of the boxes when it comes to apple [...]

Best Cold Hardy Apple Trees

Here is a list of the best cold hardy apple trees that we recommend. Over [...]

What Apple Tree is Self-Pollinating?

What Apple Tree is Self-Pollinating? There are many apple trees that are self fertile or [...]

How to Grow a Liberty Apple Tree

Where to water: Do not water the upper part of the tree which means the [...]

How to Grow an Akane Tree

After planting, the form should have one vertical leader with about four evenly spaced scaffold [...]

What are the Most Disease Resistant Apple Trees?

Therefore knowing what are the most disease resistant apple trees and growing them can make [...]

How to Water an Apple Tree

Newly planted trees would need about 5 gallons of water (one large bucket) about 3 [...]