Best Time to Plant Apple Trees Video

The short answer to the question of when is the best time to plant apple trees is early spring for bare root trees. The longer answer is that it depends on your climate/location and also whether the tree is bare root or containerised. See the explanation in this article if you would like more information on how and when to plant apple trees.

For bare root trees in hardiness zones 7 and below, plant when the tree is dormant and when the ground thaws, hence early spring. If you plant in the fall, you risk having a very harsh winter damage and kill the trees before their roots establish themselves in the soil. In the summer the low moisture and high heat may cause stress and damage. Therefore you can plant once the ground thaws and there is no rain or snow. Depending on your region, this can be anytime between February to May. If you are planting an apple tree in a container and not bare root, you are more flexible since you’ll be planting with the soil that the roots have established themselves in. However even with a container, be careful during the winters since the ground can’t be frozen and it shouldn’t be too wet.

However for planting in zones 8 and above which don’t have cold winters, you can plant bare root trees in the winter and fall since the tree is dormant and doesn’t risk damage from the harsh winters. Additionally, it is easier to plant containerised trees in the winter for these zones.

You can read more in our growing guide about how to take care of your tree. If you would like to discover apple trees and other fruit trees, explore our fruit tree catalog or shop page.