What is the size of the trees?

Our trees are about 4-6′ tall, but most are more than 5′ tall. The caliper/diameter of the trees is about 1/4-3/4″, but most have 1/2″ caliper or higher. Grafted trees are one year old, and summer budded trees (the majority of our trees) are two years old. Our seedlings (American persimmon, pawpaw, mulberry, hazelnut) are one year old and about 16″ -24″ tall.

What type of trees do you ship?

We ship bareroot trees. The roots are wrapped so they don’t dry out.

How does shipping work?

Once you place an order online, you’ll receive a confirmation email about the status of your order. While we receive orders year round, we begin shipping in the beginning of March. When you place your order, you can let us know if you have a preferred date for your trees to arrive or leave the date blank, and we can ship according to the best time to plant in your region. Once your order is shipped you will receive a notification with a tracking number to track your order status. Learn more about our shipping process and the states we ship to on our Shipping page.

Where can I learn about shipping restrictions to specific states?

We list states with restrictions for specific tree varieties on our Shipping Restrictions page.

How does pickup work?

We open for local pickups at our nursery location in Ithaca, New York from the end of March to the beginning of May. You will receive a notification asking you to book a date for your pickup. Once the date is confirmed, you will receive instructions to our nursery location and further information about your tree pickup.

What if my tree doesn’t show signs of growth?

If you planted the tree in the spring and it does not show any signs of growth before July 1st, please email us with a photo, order number, and description of the issue so that we can help to diagnose the problem. If it’s an issue with the tree itself, we guarantee to replace it next season or provide a refund depending on your preference.

If the tree you planted in the spring shows growth, but dies in the fall, please email us with a photo, order number, and description of the issue and we can help to diagnose the problem. If it’s an issue with the tree itself, we guarantee to replace it next season or provide a refund depending on your preference.

Where are you located?

We are a registered nursery located in Ithaca, New York.

Where can I learn more about your trees?

We provide information about tree characteristics such size, rootstock, hardiness zones, pollination, disease resistance, and more for each specific tree in the product descriptions.

Where can I find resources about planting, growing and maintaining trees?

Visit our guides where we provide resources and information such as how to plant, how to prune, organic pest and disease control, how to choose an orchard site, and information on rootstocks. We also feature articles about growing fruit trees for specific states.