A family run fruit tree nursery

Mehrabyan Nursery brings affordable and high quality fruit trees to first time buyers, hobbysts, experienced orchardists and farmers! Coming from Armenia, our sunny country with a rich variety of bright, delicious and fragrant fruits, we started our fruit tree nursery to share our love for growing trees with our local community and beyond. We are located in Ithaca, New York.

From physics to a family orchard

Surik Mehrabyan started Mehrabyan Nursery after a career in physics research at Cornell University. Surik decided to start his own orchard and planted 80 fruit trees in his backyard in Ithaca, New York much like in his home village in Armenia. He works on the fruit tree nursery with his two daughters, Lucy and Mané. 

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Our Fruit Tree Nursery Guarantee

We guarantee that your tree will arrive in a healthy, living condition. If your tree is damaged or you plant it in the spring and it doesn’t show any signs of growth by July 1st, then we will send you the same tree the following spring or offer you a store credit of the equal amount which you used to purchase the tree.

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We ship our fruit trees to all states with the exception of California. Visit our shipping page where you can find answers to questions about where we ship, how we ship and when we ship your fruit trees!

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