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Our Story

Our Story

Mehrabyan Nursery is on a mission to bring delicious fruit trees to every home, orchard and farm. Coming from Armenia, our sunny country with a rich variety of bright, delicious and fragrant fruits, we wanted to share our love for growing fruit trees in our local community in Ithaca and beyond. 


Whether it's your first time buying a fruit tree or your tenth, we bring you carefully sourced, quality apples trees at affordable prices to make your fruit tree buying experience a joyful one.

Mehrabyan Nursery was created by Surik Mehrabyan. After a career in physics research at Cornell University, Surik  decided to start his own orchard and planted 80 fruit trees in his backyard in Ithaca, NY, much like in his home village in Armenia. 

Surik, his two daughters, and mother in the backyard of his Armenian village, Xushchi, in 1996.

Our Values


Planting trees is about growth, not just for the trees but personal growth.

Healthy World

Planting fruit trees is not only healthy food for the body, but also healthy food for the Earth.


Planting fruit trees is a community effort and we aim to share our love for fruit trees with our community.